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Ready and Willing

I know you would love to come home to a hot blonde in lingerie waiting on you.  Imagine when she takes your bag and sits you down in your chair.  Then she does a slow, sensual dance for you, stripping off her pale lace lingerie.  I know a man needs to let go of some stress after work, so I took some pictures for you.  Hopefully these relax you a little, or inspire you to do some hand work of your own to relieve tension.  Since I can’t be there to greet you when you come home, my pictures can.  See the rest of these at http://www.pumaswede.com and take a load off.

Wet and Wild

I love getting in the water and the pool here by these beautiful beaches is to die for.  I got some time wading in the cool blue water, and I knew how much you guys adore my wet, tan body.  Watch me get wild in the water, and the pool isn’t the only thing getting me wet.  Things get a little wild after these teaser pics were taken, but you can only see that over at Puma Swede where I put the whole photo set.  Over there you get to see what happens when I’m joined by some hot studs.

Naughty Girl

My friend and I both realized what naughty girls we have been, so we knew we needed punished.  Watch me tug her leash and teach her how to use that amazing tongue of hers.  Then we switch it up and I get a spanking that I so richly deserved, and she makes me suck and nibble on her clit.  I’m sure we’ve both learned our lessons, but we may just have to earn another punishment soon.  Who am I kidding?  We’ll both be naughty forever, which is great because the discipline is hot.  See me get taught a lesson at Puma Swede.

Girl Fun

I love getting together with my girlfriends for shopping or some kinky fun.  This time it was for kinky fun, of course.  Our black stiletto heels and dark looks made for some very sultry sex.  We even got a little religious when I put my cross on her asshole!  Then there’s the fact that we licked every single inch of each other.  Don’t believe me?  Go take a look at the whole set on Puma Swede and see our lesbian love-fest. I know you’ll wish you could be right in between these two naughty girls!

Freshest Puma Swede videos can be found on www.tuboff.com


I love doing cute and fun fetish things with other girls, and I have the cutest little riding crop.  Check out these pictures of me and a girlfriend getting a little kinky for fun.  The photographer had so much fun taking these, and they get much wilder on Puma Swede .

Golden Girl

I love gold tones on my skin, which does mean that I buy too much jewelry.  Watch me peel off this gold outfit with matching gold jewelry and shoes.  I love the poses I can bend myself into, and it got so naughty.  The best ones are on Puma Swede .